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Northwest Caithness is home to over 500 ancient monuments: standing stones, burial tombs, forts, brochs, hut circles, carved stones and farmsteads. These are the last traces of the farmers, warriors, priests and kings who lived in this area over the last 5000 years.

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The area holds many secrets and on your journey you will have many questions. What do the ancient remains mean? Who were the early people who built these monuments? Why does this area have such rich remains?

Browse through some of the images from the LiDAR survey by clicking on the thumbnails below.

This image shows the palimpsest of agricultural remains- both prehistoric and post-medieval- preserved at Broubster. Prehistoric hut-circles are overlain by and incorporated into the modern farming landscape The township at Yellow Moss is a good example of a post-medieval farmstead. Several longhouses and outbuildings are surrounded by enclosures and agricultural remains of various dates. This image shows a circular feature in the 'first return' LiDAR data, largely obscured by forestry. Compare to the next image to see the trees removed. By filtering out vegetation it is possible to identify features ordinarily hidden by tree cover. This circular feature may be a hut circle. Compare to the previous image to see the same area covered by trees. The large circular feature in the centre of this image is more substantial than many of the hut-circles detected elsewhere. Could it be a broch? The broch at Green Tullochs on the north coast of Caithness is accompanied by a possible burial mound to the SW. The chambered cairn at Torr Ban na Grugaich, Loch Calder, with the burial chambers clearly visible in the mound. Do further structures surround the monument? There are many hut-circles around the shores of Loch Calder, like this group on the western shore The two horned carins on Cnoc Freiceadain are among the most spectacular sites recorded by the survey. A round and chambered long cairn are visible at Torr Ban na Grugaich, Loch Calder
The round cairn at Shebster, south of Cnoc Freiceadain A broch, round and long cairns at Knock Glass on Forss Water Post-medieval settlement and remnants of much earlier agriculture, Leans of Achaeter This high-contrast image accentuates the rig and furrow of historic agriculture at West Shebster Several ring-banks, probably hut-circles, are visible near modern farm buildings at Shebster