Hut Circles

Like the earlier period archaeologists currently know very little about the homes of Bronze Age people. However, thanks largely to the LiDAR survey, we now have tantalising glimpses. Scattered across the county are hundreds of circles, like the ones shown here. Almost all of these intriguing dots are likely to be hut circles, low timber or stone walled houses with thatched roofs, built and lived in over 4000 years ago.

During the LiDAR survey hundreds of hut circles were rediscovered (see image above). Fascinatingly, many appear to be associated with field systems and cairns, giving a rare glimpse into Bronze Age farming practices and ‘hut circle landscapes’. Dating from other areas of Scotland indicates that hut circles were a highly successful form of house, which persisted for over 2000 years and perhaps even into the Roman period. To fully understand Bronze Age Caithness there is, therefore, a need to understand the date, function, status, land use setting and change of these monuments through time. A task for the future!

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